“February brings the rain
Thaws the frozen lake again.”

Cold mind, cold heart, cold bones. Winter has been chilling us for several months. Seeping into our very foundations. The feelings frozen in icy cold thought, now begin their tedious descent into defrost. Though rains fall, and puddles form, it promises icelessness not only in mind, but in reality. The change in weather at first so exciting that November through January brought, February finds slightly hopeless and desolate. Don’t think me not a lover of winter, cold air is where I belong. But even I, like so many, by this time in the year am looking for a single glimmer frozen’s end. February may be just that.

2 and 14

By Glory Miller

February, my life continues
All it’s threads and all its sinews
We brave the storm, the worst of weather
to your heart, my anchor tethered
But in this winter all noises wither
Yet nature and love still call me hither
And with an aching, trembling shiver
I glide ‘cross snow, my mind gone thither
The fourteenth day devoted to thee
Everything is made of “we”
Something warm in the coldest of days
Does help us carry on in our ways…

What you see is all about your perspective. The things you’ve been through, the way you’re raised, and the simple to complex notions you come up with that to your own mind are seemingly original, all effect your perspective or perception of what is around you. Metaphorically, this painting represents that. Stepping back to see the big picture and to get some effervescent,
                                                                                                              p e r s p e c t i v e.
The woman in this painting has stepped back from her blindingly gold encasement to see the flowers blooming in the barren spaces of her mind and in her life. Although we do not always get to see the big picture in such a way, glimpses of it, when noticed, help us to carry on in our ways…

Wait (Live Acoustic) – Glory

Surprise! Above is a link to a Youtube video of my original song “Wait”. I wrote this song one day in my room while it was raining, just me and my guitar. I think it is one of my most mellow yet not too melancholy songs. “Wait” and other songs will be on my upcoming album “Tempest” (Surprise #2). Stay tuned in, big things are coming February 14…

If life and art danced together
their silhouette would be the outline of a
Watercolor Woman

 Cover photo by Lily Miller

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