“January starts without much sympathy. Just like every dog is let loose right in front of me”

– Howling by Adam Barnes

A beginning. That is what this month is always associated with or seen as. Rightly so for it is the start of every brand new, deep breath, fresh air year. Most everyone has even the smallest bit of hope when January rolls around because it is a chance to put past in the past. Maybe that’s why I chose now to begin…

Life is not always outside pretty, but life has beauty in all things. Even when it seems to manifest itself so strangely, like a little flower wedged catawampus between two gargoyles. To me, art is one of the ways beauty shows up in everyday. I receive joy when my life is filled with art. Not only is art so versatile in its many forms, but in it’s way of letting us so easily express ourselves. Beauty, Life and Art are all at each persons’ fingertips. You just have to know how to use it.

img_0918This painting took me a couple of weeks of on and off work to finally complete because I couldn’t get the reflections quite right, but thanks to Bob Ross, I finally did. As the new years rolls in and the old one fades, reflections are very present. The pause and reflect aspect of January, but also the reflected image of ones self. For that, the reflection, is all of you that your eyes will ever see. Have you ever stood looking into a mirror and thought it was strange that you lived inside that shell that is called a body? In some sense, a refection of you is all anyone will ever know of who you truly are. What would the mirror read if the reflection of you was in other peoples eyes?

“Reflections” by Glory Miller  (Acrylic on black canvas)

January: Begin.

by Glory Miller

January is on its way
Life, a cold, exciting grey
But understand me when I say
That exciting and grey are not everyday

It’s good to know where you stand
And what you want being in your hand
But how could that really be?
When life is just uncertainty

    And what you need you do not know
Your feet buried in falling snow
The world a sketch of white etched tips
Confusion bites your very lips

Your heart shut tight against the whipping winds
Your window closed up against sunshine’s end
Around the bend is spring, a friend
But ice is not always the end

Though January, cold and wet
Brings resolution and a new mindset
So don’t you despair just yet
The new year and you have only just met

If life and art danced together
their silhouette would be the outline of a
Watercolor Woman

(cover photo by Rachel Adams)


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